Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reverse sexism

James and I are not "normal", I know, I know, most of you are saying, well, duh. When we go out to restaurants it is very common for our food to be given to the other person. I tend to order the steak or ribs, while James will order a sandwich or chicken. We have had several waiters give our food to us and when we corrected them they look at us like we are screwing with them.

Another example of our not "normal"-ness, is that I enjoy watching a good football game. Today I was watching the BYU-Utah game, a very sad game, while James was in the office reading a book. I had Annika join me and I was explaining the game to her. When Utah happened to make a great play, I groaned and was telling Annika that we only want the guys in blue and white to do well. MacKayla on the other hand was with her daddy and when she heard me yell at the Utes, she yelled out to me that "it's only a game mom". I tried to explain pride and wanting our team to do well, but she, like her father, would not accept it. BYU football is more than "just a game".


Leserlee said...

That is hilarious. Last night we went to Applebee's, and I ordered the steak. Carl had ribs though. But it was funny, because Carl also ordered a Caesar Salad, and our waitress (the one that actually took our order) tried giving me Carl's salad. Oops. I'm glad I missed the game. I saw the score a couple of times while at Applebee's, and I was very happy not to be watching it.

Anderton Family said...

Utes are twice the team BYU is and they PROVED it in the game 48-24. Max Hall did get the player of the game award FOR THE UTES. (I think he completed more passes to Utes than Cougars!!!)hahaha