Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Catch Up

Once again I have let myself get behind on the blog again...maybe this time, I will stay on top of it...

We have had a really fun fall, Annika turned 7 in the middle of October and had a fun birthday party with several of her friends.  We also had a lot of fun for Halloween.  The night was cold, but the kids were still able to get lots of candy.

For the most part I will just make this a photo bomb to show our Fall.
Our Halloween pumpkins.
Ms. SuperGirl, I love the attitude.
Frankie Stein and SuperGirl waiting in line for the school parade.

"Parade too long it is" according to Yoda.
Harry Potter off to save the magical world.

A friend didn't think that I would be willing to wear the tutu and bow, I guess she didn't realize that I have no shame when it's Halloween.
Our pumpkins in the light. 
The cutest Yoda ever!
Annika's birthday cake.  Silly mom forgot to order one before the party, luckily they had a cute Halloween cake ready when we got there.
Annika had a costume/movie party.  She had a lot of fun!
Showing off a few present.

Annika's new love is all things Monster High, she was on cloud 9 when she received four dolls for her birthday.
Bella has decided she is too old for naps, but after a long day she will still crash sometimes.   I thought this was particularly cute.
Johnny playing with his lightsabers.  I love that smile!
Again with the adorable smile, doesn't he make you melt.

Johnny's new favorite thing is to grab a book and climb up and read it with me.  He especially loves puppies and can even say "puppa" now, he also pants like a dog.  Today for the first time he said "kitty, meow" as well.  It is amazing how fast he is growing up.

James also wanted to capture him is his Star Trek shirt at least one more time before he grows up.
I came in to get him one morning and he had gotten his shirt this far off and was quite proud of it.  Since then he has managed to get all of his jammies off, what a silly boy.

Bella's hair had reached the point that is was getting really long and she was ready for her first haircut, so this is the before from the front.

The back, I will miss those curls at the bottom.  All of the girls had really cute curls until their first haircut, and those curls never come back.
During the haircut.
The haircut all done, isn't she adorable!
Showing off the ponytail that she donated to Locks of Love, she was very excited to help another little girl who didn't have any hair.

Johnny is not a big eater much of the time, so when we find something he likes it is a great day.  Here we discovered that he loves pizza, he ate almost the whole slice on his own.