Monday, November 10, 2008

A look back

By the end of this national blogging month you will each know way too much about me...but anyways, here are some photos of James and I over the years. Wasn't he a cute kid?

James on his baptism day 1987

James and Kelsey Christmas 1989

James and Kelsey about 1990

Freshman year

Probably around 1997 or so

James' senior picture


La Tisha newborn 1980

18 months, don't we look so happy. It had been a long day.

Four 1985

About 1986




Junior high, gotta love all the zits

Senior pictures 1999

Freshman year of BYU, we went down to San Diego for the BYU-SDSU game, it was a blast.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

NO WAY! James actually started being noticably himself in his Freshman photo. Like everyone said last time - you are pegged as Mackayla's mom the minute you started breathing. Is that your dad in the picture with you and your mom?

mommydeb said...

Wow your girls look just like you did at that age!!! Very pretty senior pics. I think everyone shoule post theirs!

Leserlee said...

I love James' glasses. And I agree with Heather on everyting she said. And what a scandalous shirt you are wearing on some of those senior pics.

Wammack Family said...

The guy in the picture with my mom and I was my first step-dad.

Mary Jones said...

Now I can see where your girls got that amazing hair and your killer smile!

Tina said...

So your girls are definitely your girls. I can honestly get away without claiming any of mine :)