Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arabella's 4th Birthday

My sweet little Arabella is growing up.  At the end of January she turned 4 years old.  She is such a fun kid, she is always ready to laugh and loves to play.  We can count on her to make up smile, and share a knock-knock joke.  She hates to help with cleanup, and does not like getting left out.  She thinks that she is one of the big girls and can do everything that they can do.

She is also quite the dancer, rarely does she walk around the house, mostly she prances, jumps and spins.

Here are some photos of her birthday.  She got to have her first friend party and just thought that was the coolest thing ever.  It was the first party for most of the kids, but they all seemed to have a nice time.

 For her actual birthday day she picked out a chocolate ice cream pie.
 Such cheesyness
 Blowing out the candles 
 Her cake for the party

 Isn't she a cutie
 Balloon games while everyone arrives

 She is so happy



 She blew out all of the candles


 She was spoiled by her friends, and had so much fun!

Happy birthday to my sweet Bella!  We love you lots and love the energy and smiles you bring to our family!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They Grow Up So Fast

Little Johnny is growing up to fast, he was just a baby and now Grandpa is teaching him to shave.

Here are some more random, fun photos of the boy over the past couple of months.
 Johnny loved the dogs at the pet store so much.
 We might just have to get a dog for this guy

 He wouldn't smile, but this picture is for Grandpa Wammack.  He is wearing a F4U Corsair shirt.
 It needs to be summer so this boy can learn to ride a bike.
 He loves to read books, and even more then reading them, pulling them all of the shelf.
 Give me the phone mom!
 Bummer that it was fuzzy, but isn't he adorable.
 I love when he gives me the cheesy grins.
 He looks so grown up here.
 Just adorable.
Nerd boys!  Like father, like son!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fall Basketball: Annika

Annika is a very energetic kid and we thought she would enjoy playing basketball.  She was a bit timid to go out and get the ball, but when she had it she did really well with it.  For a kid who had never touched a basketball before she learned a lot of skills and improved greatly.  She was able to play with one of her best friends and they had a lot of fun together (there were only three girls on the team.)

Annika liked it so much that she is going to play again this spring.

 Ready for action
 Let's get that ball

 Taking a shot 
 Hustle, hustle
 The boys were lined up for her, or maybe the ball :) 
 Still working on getting her hands up for blocking
 Taking the ball down the court 
 She shoots 
 It's good! 
 Perfect shot 
 Bella enjoying the game as well
Bella's mean face