Sunday, October 17, 2010

More frustration

Today James and I were discussing the idea of upgrading to a higher speed internet, we spend enough time on it that we might as well get our moneys worth.  So I have been a user of Qwest for five years, several years ago I signed up for paperless billing and automatic payments.  As such I haven't accessed the account in a while.  I get an email every month telling me how much my payment will be and when it will be deducted, as I don't have to do anything I have typically ignored it, I know I should check things periodically, but I haven't.  So today I click on the link in the email to log into my account and view my bill.  I am able to log in, but I am then taken to a screen where I have to validate my account.  The validation code that I need is printed on the bill, so in order to be able to view my bill, I need to know the code that is on my bill, anyone else see the great logic of that one.   There was the option to have the code sent to me, not by email, the way that they will send you your password, no you have to wait 7-10 and get it in the mail. 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So darn cute

I'm sure the girls will come after me one day for posting so much about Johnny but he is just such a cute guy.  Here are some of the most recent pictures of him.  I will try to get some new photos of the girls soon so that I can post about them as well.
Some Halloween fun, I love that both of their mouths are open the same.
 Just relaxing with his pet spider.
 "A hand, hmmm, what can I do with that?"
 "Dude, I'm not sure what to make of this flashing light that keeps going off."
 The Thinker
 Kinda hard to see, but the shirt says, Hi my name is Future Mr. Right
 The flash was too close but I loved how big his smile was.
James loves classic monster movies and when I saw this shirt I knew we had to get it for James.  He's such an angel though that we can't really call him a monster, but it's still fun.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lousy customer service

I hate when customer service is outsourced.  I ordered three birth scrolls, papers with info about the day a baby was born and the world that day, and one of the ones that I ordered was not received, instead I received one with another kids name and info.  When I called and talked to the company I was told to go ahead and keep the one that I received as it was the same product.  Annoyed, I replied that it was a personalized one and that I would like one with my child's name, not another kids name, the woman had no idea how to help me.  Finally she said that she would start a new order and send the correct one, but that I needed to send back the defective one.  I asked if they were going to pay to have it shipped back, and she said that I could just mail it back, um, I don't think so, I am not paying for your company's screw up.  After putting me on hold for ten minutes it was determined that I could keep the defective one and I would get a corrected one.  Does anybody know a Siobhan Maria Nolan born on July 19, 2010, I have a birth scroll you can have :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My favorite time of year

Isn't he adorable, I love his smiles.
A friend of mine posted on Facebook that this was his favorite quarter of the year, and while I've never put it that way before, it is mine too.  The biggest reason is that all of the best holidays are coming up.

I love October and getting ready for Halloween.  We go all out on Halloween here, even having a Halloween tree and decorations for it.   The kids have picked up on this love and this year have not stopped asking if we could decorate since the 30th of September.  We did get a lot done yesterday and they are itching to finish.

All ready for a feast.
I love November because I LOVE making Thanksgiving dinner and then eating it.  Thanksgiving has all of the best foods, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and fresh made rolls, I am getting hungry just thinking about it.  I also love that the older girls are getting to the age where they can help and they now have pride in our dinner.  Annika is already planning on what kind of rolls to make and has asked if we can have the missionaries join us for dinner again.

The joys of Christmas morning.
I love December, my birthday, Christmas, our anniversary, it's the month that just keeps giving.  While I do love presents, what I really love is the spirit that everyone has in December.  I have been lucky the past several years to be able to help with the Angel Tree for our ward and it is always amazing to me just how generous and willing to serve everyone is.  While a lot gets done the rest of the year, it seems in December it just culminates and everyone wants to do more.  I also love the joy and wonder of the kids and all the fun of the holidays.