Wednesday, November 5, 2008


In honor of National Blogging month I am trying to write something everyday and today is memory day. This is kinda a sappy one, so be warned.

James and I went on our first day in May of 1997. After his mission we continued to date and to get to know one another better. During the 2000 school year James and I had a standard "DTR." We had been dating a long time and I wanted to know where we were headed. As James was walking me home one night I asked him where he thought we were going. In his attempt to deflect the real question he said he was taking me home. He knew what I was really asking but was not ready to answer that. He then said that he loved me and wanted to marry me, but that he wanted to be able to finish school first. His reason, and I have always loved it, was that he wanted to be able to provide health insurance for his family before he committed to one. I love that he was planning our future and wanted to protect me even then.

The summer of 2001 James went home to San Diego and I stayed in Provo to work. In July I went down to visit him and during that trip we decided that we did not want to be apart ever again. We decided that we were not going to wait until school was finished to get married. So we started talking about months that we wanted to get married in, James said April, I said December, guess who won. We were really excited and when I went back to Provo we began planning and getting everything scheduled.

In our decision to get married James never "officially" asked me to marry him, we just agreed that we wanted to and went from there. In November (and I wish that in my infinite brilliance I had actually written down the date) we went out on a date and James asked me to marry him. I knew something was going on that day because James was acting really weird and had been spending a lot of time with Jonathan (his best friend) over the last few days. Well that night Jonathan and Jane picked us up to go on a double date. As I got into the car I heard James ask Jonathan if he "remembered to bring it." I pretty much had it figured out at this point, but I continued in "ignorant bliss." We went to a nice Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a great meal with our friends. After that we went to the park by the Temple. We were walking and goofing around for a while when the guys disappeared into the bathroom to "check out this cool design." At this point James and I took a walk down to the Temple. I at one point asked if we should go back to meet back with Jonathan and Jane, but James just said that we would find them later. We made it to the Temple and sat on the lawn talking for a long time. I was wondering at this time if he was going to ever get on with what he had planned, but just continued to enjoy the night. When it got late we decided it was time to go. As I stood up James got up on one knee and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend forever with me. He then brought out the ring box and put the ring on my finger. It was very sweet.

Long before this James had asked what I wanted for an engagement night and I had told him a romantic date, the proposal and a white rose (I really like white roses and wanted him to give me flowers). After he had given me the ring and we were walking home, I joked that he had only forgotten one part of the plan. He told me that he hadn't and to just wait until I got home. When I got there I found a single white rose on my computer. He had done everything just right!

So here is a picture of us on the night that we "officially" got engaged.

I am one lucky woman to have married this wonderful man. I love James more than I can say and am glad everyday that he choose me.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

OOOHHHH! That is totally sappy - and SWEET too! Love - exciting and new, come aboard - we're expecting you!!! The LOVE boat... I am glad you and James are married too because you have CUTE girls. You are great friends!

Bill and Tammie said...

I must agree, totally sappy...but equally as sweet! Just like maple syrup! (We just read if you give a pig a pancake, sorry!)

Leserlee said...

He is such an engineer. "I want to provide health insurance for my family..." Sounds like Carl. And just imagine what life would be like if you had waited until after school to get married, that would have been a long wait.

Mary Jones said...

Great idea! I might have to copy you. I have to admit I was smiling the whole time.