Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny Habits

As the children grow and learn new things it's fun to see what catches their attention. When Bella was a little younger my favorite thing was that she would give you the biggest gummiest grin and she would squint her eyes while doing it. She started doing it because we would do that to her. I loved how her whole face would light up with that smile. Lately she has been working on sounds that she can make. It started with clicking her tongue and now she has started to make a guttural sound. It almost reminds me of a cat. She is a funny one.

MacKayla has been working so hard at learning to read and is loving every minute of it. She got her first word list this week and I don't think she had taken her backpack off before she was ready to work on it. We promised her that when she can read on her own we will go to a bookstore and buy any three books that she wants and then when she has read 100 books on her own she gets to have a book party and invite her friends to come and play. The motivation of new books and a party are helping her to get into it.

A funny thing about Annika is that she is a constant ball of energy. The child does not know how to walk anywhere, she has to run, bounce, jump or dance. When you can get her to sit down she is fidgeting, or moving in some way. I love it though, I love the energy that she has and her desire to do everything. She wants to be everywhere, to know everything and to do everything that everyone else can do. It was because of Annika and her questions that we had to continue the human anatomy talks tonight. We used a kids science book tonight to help with explanations and they both enjoyed seeing pictures of bodies and all of the ways that they work.

While I am talking about the funny things of my kids I might as well include James and myself...If somehow you didn't know, James is a big kid. He collects Star Wars Lego's, Godzilla figures, Star Wars and Star Trek toys and figures, and comic books (of the Star Wars variety). I tease him about it, but I am glad that he has something that he loves. He is a wonderful guy who treats me great. I love that James is able to have a conversation about anything, he is a walking encyclopedia, he has useless, or not so useless, information about everything. He is also able to continue a conversation that was stopped in the middle for whatever reason at the exact point that the conversation ended, even if it was several days ago. While I can forget what we talked about five minutes ago, he will remember five days from now, unless it's about doing something that I want him to do and then magically the conversation disappears from his mind, funny how that works.

As for me and my weirdness, I am sure there's many but it's harder to come up with something about yourself. I love to watch movies and I can enjoy almost any of them. However, the first time that I watch something I don't laugh, talk or react in any way to it. I want to enjoy and fully grasp the movie before I comment in any way on it. This leads some to think that I am having a lousy time while watching something, but really I am just taking the whole thing it. I also love to read! I love books and being able to be carried away in a story. The problem comes that I will read a book to the exclusion of all else. When reading a book that I really like and am interested in, I will read the whole thing in a day and neglect everything else.

So yeah, these are some of the funny habits of our family. We are a crazy bunch, but we fit together perfectly.


Leserlee said...

I do the same thing with books, especially those of the Stephenie Meyer variety. I did enjoy "The Host" much more than the Twilight series though, not nearly the drama.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

So true about your girls! They are the cutest ever. I didn't know that about you and movies. Huh. I guess that's because I can't stand NOT to talk - so I don't watch a ton of movies. There is my weird quirk - where do I fit in?