Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Four Weeks Already

My little man turns four weeks today.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, it feels as though Jonathan has been a member of our family forever.  Johnny is still a great little guy, most of the time he is mellow and just goes along with the flow.  He has found his voice a bit more lately and does let us know when he needs something.  He is especially fond of eating and would eat all the time if he could, in fact on Sunday I stood on the scale with him to see how much he weighed now and he was over 11 lbs already.  I can't believe how fast he is growing.  He is fitting well into 0-3 month clothes, he is so long that they fit perfectly and I am thinking that he will outgrow them well before he hits 3 months.  Here are some pictures of him to see how big he is.  The first three are from today after his bath and the last two are for comparison, they are from the day he was born after his bath.

Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school

After a very long summer, it's finally the first day of school. 

MacKayla is now in second grade and is excited for everything about school.  She is really hoping to learn her times tables this year as we have been working on that at home.  She also loves to read and thinks that she can get over 200 AR points this year, last year she got 180. 

Annika is now my big kindergartner.  She has been wanting to go to school forever, as she would say.  She is excited that she gets to go everyday and that she gets to ride the bus to school.  Annika is also looking forward to doing math at school.  She loves to practice addition and subtraction with us.  Annika this summer has also worked really hard at learning to read and read almost 100 books already.  She really wants to get to take AR tests and earn prizes this year.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Catching up

I have gotten behind in blogging, I need to finish posting the kids visit with their first grandparents, so that I can get to the second set. So here goes with a whirlwind of photos and fun.

One of the girls favorite things to do when their grandma is with them is to play beauty shop.  Well this time the girls wanted to have a fashion show and have grandma get dressed up as well.  She is a great sport and the girls had a blast sashaying around the room.  The paraded up and down, danced about and posed for all manner of photos.  It was a lot of fun watching them play.  I can't believe how grown-up Bella looks here though.
Aunt Kelsey spending time with each of the kids.  They sure love to play with her and love having her visit them.
We have a bad habit of forgetting to take a lot of pictures when the grandparents are here.  We usually remember to get some as they are loading up the car and getting ready to go.  As such this ended up being the only picture of grandma with Johnny.
Grandpa was also such a good sport with the kids.  The girls played beauty shop with him and did his hair, they played games outside and they climbed all over him.  They had a blast with him!
I loved this outfit on Johnny, I thought he was adorable.  This was taken on the 18th, so he was just over two weeks old.  At his two week check-up Johnny showed that he was growing like a weed, he was 9lbs 12oz, and about 22in.  The doctors goal was that he was at least back up to birthrate, well he certainly did that, and then gained almost another pound, no wonder the kid eats all the time.
These are my first attempts at getting group shots of the kids.  Not quite perfect, but it will do for a start.  The kids are all darn cute at least.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Proud dad

James likes to make awesome headers for his blog. He usually takes photos of other things and adds in an "atomic spud." Well to celebrate the birth of his son, James made this photo.

If you are interested James' blog is http://atomicspud.blogspot.com/. He writes about movies, politics, his quirks and whatever else floats his boat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photo update

Jonathan is proving to be an awesome little guy. He is almost always happy and will just lay in your arms content for over an hour. He has also been sleeping for several hour chunks at night. He is also the apple of his sisters eyes, they fight over who gets to hold him, kiss on him constantly and love to dote on him.

This was about the maddest he has ever been, he wasn't too crazy about getting a sponge bath, but even that only lasted for a few.
His first sponge bath given by mom.
Arabella loving on her Johnny.
Getting Annika cuddles.
MacKayla sure loves being a big sister.
During the day I don't swaddle Johnny and his hands always end up by his head. He likes to show how cool he is.
The big girls getting ready for Church with Grandpa.
While we didn't let Jonathan go to Church last week I wanted to get a three generation photo of Wammack men. I am getting that photo ready still, but I thought Johnny and daddy looked pretty darn cute together.
Annika just being her cute self.
A little fuzzy but this is how he usually is, bright eyed and content to be held.
Cuddling with his Grandpa.
Getting loves from Aunt Kelsey.
Bella being her adorable self.
Johnny's coming home outfit. It took a while to find the perfect one, but I loved this. The picture makes him look really chubby, but he really isn't that big, I think it's more that he is scrunched up and a weird camera angle.
First car ride, all ready to come home from the hospital.
All snuggled up and cute as can be.
Just before we got to leave the hospital, what an angel.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Father Son Bonding

James has been a wonderful help with Jonathan and spends a lot of time holding and cuddling him. Today however, both of them needed a little rest, so their bonding was sleeping in the same room, I thought it was pretty cute.

Jonathan is proving to be a really good kid. He is sleeping and eating well, and is almost always happy and/or content. I am hoping he stays this way, with all the drama from the girls, it's nice to have a calm child.

I will get more pictures up later.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More updates

James shared the vital info about Jonathan yesterday, so today will be some of the other things.

He is a happy little guy and is a great eater. He only gets upset when he is getting his bum changed, but can be quickly made happy again. He likes to eat and then spend time looking around and cuddling. He is also a talker in his sleep and likes to babble.

I am doing pretty good as well. I have some really great nurses and they are taking good care of me. It took me a few kids to get the routine down, but I know now that if I take meds before I need them, then I can prevent a lot of the pain. I took everything they gave me yesterday and spent much of the day flying as high as a kite :) I also have learned by now that the nursery is awesome and to send the kid there. I was able to get a lot of sleep last night and today thanks to the wonderful nurses.

The girls were able to come over and meet Johnny today and they had a lot of fun holding and talking to him. We need to get Bella used to new pronouns though as she kept calling him a her/she. It was cute to see her concerned for him though. MacKayla and Annika really loved holding Johnny and spent a long time doing so. They were also excited to see my scar and they cant wait until they can count the number of bandages on it. Annika has especially been fascinated by the whole c-section procedure.

Without further wait, here are some pictures of Johhnyboy and family.

Snuggling up with mom.
Stretching out, he is a long little guy and I can tell you that he spent a lot of time stretching these last few weeks. He was ready to really get out and move.
With her cast freshly off, MacKayla was loving holding her little brother.
Annika also very happy to hold Johnny.
Bella spending some time with her brother. I love the hair, I think I need to teach the girls how to comb her hair so that dad doesn't need to.
All of my beautiful kids together for the first time. I am one lucky mom!
Johnny spent his first hour of life sucking on dad's finger while mom was getting stitched up and still finds a way to get dad to give it to him whenever they are cuddling.
Not the most flattering picture, but I don't think you are supposed to look ready to meet the world right after birth. At least he is cute to look at.