Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good dad

Today's post is another instance of looking through photos to find something to talk about. Here James and MacKayla had fallen asleep together. We had MacKayla during James' last semester of college and despite how tired and busy he was he would still take the time to cuddle with her. She was a hard baby to get to sleep and after a while I just needed a break and James would take her for me. She was the only one of our kids who would fall asleep on us beyond the first couple of weeks. The other girls have been great sleepers so I can't complain, just not on us.

Anyways, I think James is an awesome man and dad!

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Leserlee said...

How many blue plaid shirts does he have? I just love it when men are great dads. Carl is one of those too. And I just fall more in love with him when he takes care of the kiddies for me, especially when they fall asleep together.