Thursday, April 22, 2010

A bit late, but oh well

So we have had five birthdays in the past six months and I have managed to blog none of them. I plan to do it and then something comes up and I want to blog something else and then I never get around to it. Well here it is, the last years worth of birthdays in one post...

October 2009 - Annika turns 5

We usually only give the kids friend parties for their even numbered birthdays, so we gave Annika the choice of a family party with whatever theme she wanted or she could go out to dinner at a "real" restarant. Well she is a child after my own heart, she chose to go to Red Robin for her birthday. She loved the attention, the balloons and the ice cream that she got for her birthday. We did take cupcakes to her class and then used the leftover ones for the family. She had a lot of fun and was glad to finally turn 5.

Annika is a really bright and funny kid. She is also an amazing helper and when she feels like would move the world for you if you asked. She can be quite stubborn at times, but I think overall she is mellowing out. She is so very excited to go to kindergarten in the fall and to be able to ride the bus to school.
Goofy grins for everyone!
Annika's cupcakes with her big 5 candles.

December 2009 - La Tisha turns 29

My birthday went as usual and was largely forgotten. The kids made cards for me and then for my birthday James watched the kids while I went out to dinner with my friends. We went to Texas Roadhouse, and it was awesome!

January 2010 - Arabella turns 2

Arabella loves Winnie the Pooh and would normally have had a Pooh birthday, but I am a cheapskate. When MacKayla was two I bought all of the things for her to have an Elmo party, but she ended up having sick friends and we never used the items and had just stored them away. I found them shortly before Bella's birthday and since she does enjoy Elmo, I thought it would work just fine for her . She loved the cake, the hat and the whole day. The older girls decorated the table for her and made her day quite fun. She had Sonic for lunch and then was able to enjoy her cake.

The table that the girls decorated.A modern family celebrating a birthday, we had to bring out the webcam so that family in San Diego could join in on the fun with us.
Enjoying her cake and special day.Loving the Elmo and Big Bird cars on the cake.

March 2010 - MacKayla turns 7

As this was an odd birthday we did not intend to have a friend party. However, MacKayla had reached her goal of 100 AR points (reading points at school) just before her birthday so to celebrate that as well as her birthday she was able to have a few friends over. She had a Hannah Montana party and the kids came in their jammies, played games, had dinner, ate dessert and then watched the Hannah Montana movie together. It was a lot of fun for her and her friends spoiled her.
The girls all ready for the party, MacKayla even shared a pair of her Hannah Montana jammies with Annika for the night.
Blowing out the candles on her cupcakes.
Opening cards and presents from her friends.
The gift she loved the most and which I find the most annoying. She got a Zhu-Zhu pet. The thing squeaks and makes weird noises whenever they play with it. Oh well, I'm sure it's just a fad that the kids will be over with soon.

April 2010 - James turns 31

My big-kid husband just had his birthday this week and as usual had a fun theme for it. This year we went for a Star Wars party. He didn't have the Star Wars cake this time, but it was a yummy Oreo cake. He had to work the day of his birthday and didn't really feel like doing anything much for it, but this weekend I am hoping that he will let me take him out to dinner and then we have tickets for the symphony.
The girls enjoying their pizza (or at least trying to, they have both lost more teeth recently and have trouble eating some foods.)
Blowing out his candles on his Oreo cake.
The big kid got two new Wii games: Star Wars Lightsaber Duels and Star Wars The Force Unleashed. He hasn't had a chance to really play them yet but is looking forward to this weekend.

So there you have it, I am caught up on birthdays, now I just need to finally do Christmas and then our San Diego vacation. Hopefully before Johnny comes I can get it all done.

Monday, April 12, 2010

And it begins...

With this being the fourth baby and pregnancy, you would think that I wouldn't get so excited for the little things, but alas I am. The nesting bug is getting to me. With the other girls I was able to use the same infant seat for all of them, but it expired just as Arabella outgrew it, so I needed another one. Well as you saw with me picking a name, I have to have things ready long in advance. I have been pouring over reviews, looking for sales, and trying to find the best car seat that I could. I also wanted a double stroller that could accept a car seat in the back, or the front. Well today I happened upon a great deal on Babies r Us and was able to pick up a stroller and car seat and save $50, plus they are giving free shipping and a free car protector. So now that that problem has been taken care of, I can move on to figuring out clothes, his room, toys...I guess I still have a ways to go, but at least I am on the way.