Tuesday, July 10, 2012


May was an exciting month for us!  The girls finished up school and we went on a vacation to San Diego and to Disneyland.  It was their first time at Disneyland and it was wonderful!  I loved seeing the magic in their eyes, and experiencing everything for the first time again.

 Once again, trying to be on of the big boys. 
 I love how he has the whole crib to sleep in, yet he sleep at the end with his feet sticking out.
 He's got a future so bright he has to wear shades.
 Isn't that a cutie.
 He thinks he is ready to drive.
 MacKayla joined the lifers club and received her first pair of glasses.  She loves them and really looks so cute in them.  It's funny how fast we have gotten used to them, when she comes out without them now she looks funny.
 Annika and Johnny have a really good relationship and she loves to help with him.  In fact some nights she puts him to bed on her own.
 My sweet husband and kids picked out flowers and candy for me for Mother's Day.
 Johnny is a monkey and will climb on/in/over anything.
He thought he was so clever hiding in the window.
 James playing outside with the kids.
 Arabella with her preschool teacher Mrs. Terri, she had a wonderful year and loves going to school.
 MacKayla with her teacher Mrs. Anderson.  The third graders get to write a book and this is the book that she wrote, it is about her and her friends becoming super heroes.
 Somehow I never managed to get a picture of Annika with Mrs. Jensen, but we LOVE her and Annika had a great time with her.  This picture does show Annika's fashion sense.  She thought the outfit was perfect and matched wonderfully.
 While MacKayla and Annika were at softball practice we took some time to play on the toys.

 Johnny has puppy radar and will find one wherever we go.

 Giving the puppy loves.
 While in San Diego Grandpa had MacKayla help him lay brick and rock for a path that he was making.
 Bella ready to help.
 Johnny playing the organ and Great-Grandma's house. We have pictures of all of the kids around this age playing on the organ.
 Grandma helping Johnny play.
 Great-Grandma with the girls.
 While looking through old photo albums we found this one of James with his uncle Jon.  I love how excited they both look :) It is funny to see the family resemblance of the kids with James and Jon.
 Great-Grandma with all of the kids. Of course Johnny was tired by this point and did not want to participate.  I think this is another one of those photos that we have all of the kids doing.
 My little zombies, we drove 1000 miles to be in San Diego and they wanted to lay around watching the Disney Channel.
 We had a lot of fun swimming at Uncle Greg and Aunt Tammie's house.  Jade and Jasmine were so good to the girls and played with them too.

 My aquaphobic son, he was terrified that we would make him swim or get near the water.
 Dispite having an amazing time at Disneyland, we have very few photos.  I guess I was more concerned with  making the memories than catching them.  Here is Grandpa and Bella waiting for Splash Mountain. 
 Grandma and Bella snuggling.
 This was the picture to make daddy jealous.  He chose to stay home instead of going to California and Disneyland, but he is such a huge Star Wars fan.
 Space Mountain fun!
 We needed some Mickey ice cream to cool off with and to bring the smiles back, we were getting really tired.
 Dumbo with Aunt Kelsey.
 My favorite Disneyland picture.  I love the faces of everyone!  MacKayla loved all of the rides and wanted to do them over and over.  She loved California Screaming (the roller coaster) and Tower of Terror.  She wanted to do all of the Mountain rides again.  And then there was Annika, she was terrified and cried through California Screaming and Tower of Terror.  She did go on them, but was upset while doing so.  What's really funny though is that she is ready and willing to try them again the next time we go, yes the kids have already planned the next vacation to Disneyland (tentatively October 2014.)
The girls showing off their Disneyland wares.  MacKayla has a sweet Minnie Mouse hat, Annika has a pirate princess hat, and Bella has Duffy the Disney Bear.
  Ready for breakfast before heading to California Adventure for another day of fun.
 Trying on a bear hat while we wait for everyone.
 Johnny's terror at the beach.  He bawled as soon as we touched the sand and didn't stop until we were back in the car.  Needless to say, we didn't stay at the beach very long.
 The girls collecting sea shells.

 They had a blast playing at the beach. 
 Bubble fun.

 Enjoying a nice San Diego afternoon.