Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not the brightest move

Yesterday James and I were cleaning up the toys in the downstairs living room. James asked if I had seen the couch yet. I looked over and saw that someone had colored all over the middle portion with a marker. I got mad at the older girls because they had been leaving there markers around the living room and Bella had gotten into them before. I was ready to be annoyed at Bella for coloring on the couch, but really what could I do, she is just a baby.

I then start to really look at the coloring on the couch. I notice an "a" and the first thought was wow, somehow her scribbled strokes turned into an a, how funny. And then I saw the rest of Annika's name, including the flourishes that she does on her i and k. I could not believe that the four, almost five, year old was the one to color on the couch. I was ready to pound the child. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we got out of her that she thought it would be fun to do it.

Now the title of the post is "not the brightest move," if you were really going to so something so stupid, would you sign your name to it. This belongs in one of those stupid criminals posts.

The only thing that saved the child from a life of servitude and sleeping under the stairs was that the couch was stain treated and they were washable markers, so there is no evidence of the crime. All art toys have been removed for a long time though...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Special bond

Annika and Arabella have a special bond. They play together and share a great love for one another. Yesterday while Annika was at school Arabella got up on the couch to look out the window and she asked several times "where Anka?" It was one of those sweet moments that makes you happy to have kids. She was thrilled later when she got up from her nap and her "Anka" was there to play with her.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Bonding

James and the girls have enjoyed watching the Star Wars movies and the Clone Wars TV shows together. The girls love to bond with their dad and like the things that he does. MacKayla is the one who usually gets into it the most and tries to impress her dad with how much she knows or wants to know about the Star Wars universe.

Annika came upstairs today with several lightsabers and wanted to duel with her dad. The others had to get in on the fun as well. Here are the girls and their bonding with their father.

She's so happy to be playing with her sisters and daddy.
Annika the avenger, she will destroy us all.
She couldn't wait to play, she jumped out of the bath and attempted to beat us all.
Darth Daddy has done in the mysterious MacKayla Skywalker.
The Skywalker family name will live on, MacKayla has bested Darth Daddy.
It takes two to take down the evil Darth Daddy.
I love the shear joy on each of their faces.