Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a's a's Super Johnny!

He loves flying!
For many years now people have told me that I am so lucky to have girls to shop for.  I have heard that boys are hard and that there is nothing good to get for them.  I have always thought they were wrong!  Girls are boring, everything is pink and princess.  You can only buy so much of it before it starts to burn your eyes. 

I have always wanted to dress a little boy, they have the coolest stuff.  Years ago I found the cutest jammies that were Superman, they even had a cape!  I wanted someone to dress as a superhero, yes the girls could have worn it, but by that point they had already established themselves as girly girls.  I held off and didn't buy it at the time. 

Check out those muscles!
 About a month ago though, I found those jammies again.  They only had them in a size 2, but I bought them anyway.  I knew Johnny wouldn't be able to wear them for a while, but I wanted them anyways.  I then had my mom look and she found a pair in size 3 and got them for him.  Well today while I was out they had a pair in 18 months, a little big, but not so much that he couldn't wear them.  I grabbed them and excitedly showed them to James when I got home, I mentioned before how much he hated seeing girl clothes, but he does love cute Johnny clothes.

He's such a cutie!
So long story short, here is my adorable boy in his Superman jammies, and boy do I think he is cute!

Check out that cape.