Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It seems that every time I think that I am caught up and that I will stay on top of blogging that I fail again. Oh well, I guess I will start again, and try to stay on top of the blog.

January was one of the coldest months that we have ever had here. We didn't get a lot of snow, but it was so cold that we had some day where the high never hit positive numbers. In fact for the first time the girls had a day off of school because it was too cold.

 Once it had "warmed up" to -1, the girls wanted to go play in the snow. It was so cold that they couldn't get the snow to stick together, so here is their laying down snowman.
 Making snow angels in the cold. I think they were most excited about getting really cold and then coming in for some yummy cocoa.
 MacKayla was invited to a birthday party at the skating rink, it was fun to watch her and remember being her age and going to parties at the skating rink.
 Annika being a diva.
 Arabella helped me make her cake for her fifth birthday. As I took this picture of her showing off her cake, I realized that her eye was doing funny things. After noticing it here, I went back through old photos and realize that she had been doing it for at least a year, but we hadn't really noticed it. Worst parents of the year award went to us.
 A normal smile showing off her Big Top Cupcake filled with strawberries and decorated with strawberries and lots of sprinkles.
 Isn't she a cutie.
 Admiring her candles.

 Ready to blow!
And she did it! Arabella is such a fun kid and it has been a blast watching her grow up. At 5 she is still sweet and innocent and still looks to us as all knowing, I hope it lasts for a few more years.