Monday, April 28, 2008

Here we have a video of the baby rolling over. She was very happy doing it at first, she had done it about 5 times before this, so she got a little annoyed at the end.

Poor Arabella has the same skin issues as the other girls and so she has to be coated in grease, so in this picture we had vasalined her head and with all the grease there we spiked her.
Annika turned three in October and we meant to get her birthday photos done around then, well as life would have it, we got busy and never did. So finally, six months later we took some nice photos for her birthday photo.
Here are some more photos in my quest to get a good one of the three of them together.
My tired little wonder.
We were finally able to get some cute smiles out of Arabella.
MacKayla had school photos done last month, but I wasn't too happy with them so we did these ourselves and will probably use this one as her five year old photo.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bouncing Baby Girls

Some friends gave us a wonderful bouncing toy for Arabella and she absolutely loves it. Here is a video of her enjoying it. If you listen closely you can also hear her talking a little bit.

Here is another of her bouncing and having fun.

Happy bouncing Arabella

James and his birthday cake. He celebrated his 29th birthday this last weekend.

Blowing out his candles, the girls had fun arranging all of them for him.

My failed attempts to get a good photo of all three girls together.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Another post of cute photos. The girls are growing so fast.MacKayla and Annika love to spend time cuddling with Arabella.

Annika lounging about.
MacKayla and Annika spending time together.
More sisterly love.
MacKayla and her grown-up self.

Trying to smile

So I have been trying for the last two weeks to get Arabella to let me capture a picture of her smiling. She gives me the cutest, gummyest, grins around, but the second I get the camera on her she won't smile. So here is my montage of non-smiling photos.
Almost a smile

I'm teasing you now

And finally a few that are almost her cute smiles

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arabella is two months old now, and I thought it was time to add some new photos. Enjoy!

Just saying hi
Daddy's Girls
What a smile
We've had a long day

I love my Daddy!