Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My little honey pot


Loving Sisters

Getting started

So I thought it might be fun to join in on the blog world. Not much is going on in our neck of the woods right now. James is busy with work as usual.

The girls had fun working with one of their teachers on their ABC's today. MacKayla is getting really good at recognizing and identifying most of the alphabet. Annika is getting the basic idea down and she is really good at finding "Annika A's". It's fun to see how much they learn and how much they are capable of. It's as if a light switch just clicks one day.

MacKayla is having a lot of fun with school. They are working on learning about rhyming words right now, so she tells me each one that she thinks of. Both of the girls also love dance class. They recently were able to see what their costumes are going to be, Annika is going to be a flower, and MacKayla has a white dress with a big pink sash on it. They love it and can't wait until their recital.

The baby is now 26 weeks along. We had a slight scare with my glucose test last week. The first test came out high and they had me go in and do a fasting glucose tolerance test to see whether I had gestational diabetes or not. Thankfully our prayers over the weekend were answered and the test came out with me being okay. Other than that things are going well. She is an active little girl who likes to play.