Saturday, February 27, 2010

I think we figured it out

Thanks to the help of friends and liberal use of the internet I think we have come to a name that we like for this baby. If this is a boy his name will be Jonathan Philip and if it is a girl her name will be Amelia Elizabeth.

I know I am crazy for worrying so much, but I wanted to be able to leave the ultrasound knowing who this baby is. That is just me though, I am weird like that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am at a loss

So I am a major planner. I like to plan my life and events months in advance where possible. James and I officially got engaged after we had picked out the names of our kids. I have planned the birth and family arrival schedule of this coming baby. I have started planning MacKayla's baptism (and she only turns 7 next month.) I know what I want to do for Christmas this year. I have to have my life organized or I feel weird.

So what is the problem then you ask? I am at a loss as to what we are going to name this baby if it is a girl. We had two girl names picked out, we were lucky to come up with a great third girl name that we love. But I cannot come up with another one that I love. I am hoping that this means that this is my little Johnny and that is what I can't find a girl name.

The only name that we like right now is Elizabeth. However we have a cousin that is Bella's age that is named Elizabeth so they would only be a couple years apart. I thought of using Elizabeth as a middle name, but then the only first name that I liked with it is Hannah, and that is the exact name of another cousin. I don't think anyone in the family would really care if we shared a name, but I kinda want the kids to all have their own name.

So here is where I need help! I need ideas for girl names. We are not overly picky but we have a few "rules." We don't like overly trendy names. The name needs to fit with the other girls, MacKayla, Annika and Arabella. It needs to be a more gender specific name, I am not too big on a name that could go for either sex. I would kinda like something somewhat classic. It also can't be anything that James can negatively associate something with (and this one is hard, MacKayla would have been MacKenzie, but it reminded James of Spud Mackenzie, the Budweiser dog.) So if you have any great names that you are willing to share, please share your ideas. I can't say that we will go with it, but maybe we will, or maybe it will help point us in the right direction.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

January Books

So it's the middle of February and I still haven't posted any of the things that I needed to, but oh well. Here are the books that I read in January.

Somewhere in Time - 320
Richard Matheson
This book was part of the reason that I took so long to post, I wanted to watch the movie after reading the book, but took forever to get around to watching the movie. I found the book to be okay, I thought the character of Richard was way too whiny and demanding. I also thought that Elise gave in way to easily to everything that he said. In the movie I found Richard to be more forceful than whiny, and Elise to still accept too much without question. Overall a decent read and watch, but not something that I am eager to do again soon.

Evermore - 320
Alyson Noël
Blue Moon - 304
Alyson Noël
The first two novels in the series, and both were pretty fun. I liked the characterization, I thought the pace was a bit slow as the setup was being done, but overall good stories.

A Kiss in Time - 384
Alex Flinn
I had high hopes for this story as this is the same author as Beastly. This story is the modern-day Sleeping Beauty tale, and while the story was fun, it lacked the depth of Beastly. I enjoyed it overall, but my favorite Sleeping Beauty tale will always be Enchantment by Card.

Antsy Does Time - 256
Neal Shusterman
I seemed to have had a thread of time this month. This is the story of how one nice deed can get out of hand and then things go crazy. The story was fun and the characters were well done.

The Graveyard Book - 320
Neil Gaiman
Gaiman has proven to be a very good writer and can make the most out of any story. This is one of his novels written for a juvenile audience that can be read by anyone and appreciated. The story is about Bod, short for Nobody Owens, who is raised in a graveyard, and how he grows up. Very fun and would like to read again.

Total for January - 1904
Total for 2010 - 1904