Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving, Christmas Decorating and Misc.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving here with our family. The girls actually ate most of their food without complaint and Johnny even had his first taste of food, mashed potatoes. We also had a true 21st century Thanksgiving, we were able to Skype with our family in San Diego so we were able to share the prayer and talking while we ate.
James really is happy, he just didn't look it for this photo.
Here are the girls as well as the spread of our dinner.
On Friday we began decorating for Christmas and we had a lot of fun doing so!
The stockings were hung by the banister with care.  I love these stockings, I really love Jonathan's, it's fun to have a boy one now.
Our new bookcase with my collection of nativities.
Our decorated Christmas tree.
We have a tradition that each year the kids get to pick out a new Hallmark ornament to add to the tree.  I intend that when they are married and have their own home they will have a nice collection to start with.  It has been fun to watch their tastes change over the years as they pick the new one.  We started the girls out with Winnine the Pooh for their first several years.  MacKayla quickly outgrew them and has had Polar Express, Hannah Montana, Princess and this year she picked out Barbie.  Annika stayed with Pooh until this year, she decided to go with Barbie this year as well.  Bella also decided against Pooh this year and she wanted Cinderella, it actually has the saying "Princess in Training" on it, and that fits her.  With Jonathan we decided that until he can choose for himself he is going to have a superhero theme, so to start it out he got Superman this year.
Hamming it up in front of the tree.
We have had a lot of snow and cold lately.  James took some photos of the snow and the house.

Miscellaneous photo time

Johnny got a new hat from Great Grannie Crites and had to have him model it.  I think he looks adorable in a ball cap!  The girls of course had to join in as well.

Being Mister Cool here!
Isn't he adorable!
A little father and son bonding.
The hams wanted into Johnny's picture.
He is getting so big!


dawn said...

It looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! What an amazing family.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Fun. Yum. And HOW ON EARTH DID THAT BABY GET SO CUTE??? He looks SO much like your family-but BOYish. I Love Love LOVE it. Love.