Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow much fun!

We  had our first real sticking snow about a week ago and the girls had a blast playing in it.

 This is their first snowman.  They were very proud of him.

 The first one started to fall so with Bella's help they made this one.  He lasted a while and the bottom of him stuck around for a while.

 Despite what the weather may be outside this is what Bella wears any chance she gets.  I get her up and dressed in the morning and the minute my back is turned she will undress and put on a dance dress, she is such a girly girl.
 Yesterday we were blasted with another mighty snow storm.  After James shoveled the drive he decided to play with the kids.  They had snowball fights.  And in traditional James fashion he taught them how to fight, i.e. to hit the other person when they are down, and or not looking.  The kids had a great time!

 He really gets into his shots.

 Someone always ends up crying though.
 No he's not comforting her, he's putting more snow on her despite the tears.

 He really is a nice dad, he is comforting her now.
 Bella decided to get in on the action.
 One of our neighbors saw the fun and got into the fight as well.  Apparently she has some skills with the snowballs, James said she pelted him pretty well.  She was also devilish in her attacks, she eventually took a snow shovel and would chuck snow on him, and then on his freshly shoveled driveway, just to get his goat.

 Isn't she a cute little snow baby!

 Yay! She got daddy.

 Lest you think we forgot about Handsome, here he is as well.  I love how babies sleep with their arms up over their heads.

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The Freed Family said...

It's funny....someone always gets hurt when Mitch is playing with my kids. :) He is a nice dad too, though. Zach was out for 3 1/2 hours that first day it snowed....and there really wasn't that much snow....but it was entertaining for him.