Friday, December 3, 2010

Princess in training

Despite my best intention I have a little princess for a daughter.  Arabella from very early on has cared more about what she was wearing, how she looked and what accessories she had than any child should.

Her first love was shoes, anywhere she went she would take the shoes and just play away.  I remember being in church for her first Christmas and our cousin, Jasmine, had a cute pair of heels on.  Bella was being really fussy and trying to get into everything until she saw those shoes.  She was fascinated and took the shoes off of Jasmine and would not give them back.  She lovingly played with the shoes and talked to them.  It was a crushing day in her life when she had to give them back.

To this day Bella loves shoes and actually owns more than anyone else in the house.  She will only wear certain ones with certain clothes, otherwise she says they don't match (although her idea of what matches is a whole other story.)  Bella also rarely wears clothes anymore, I dress her everyday in something and usually within a few minutes she has disrobed and put on a dance dress or princess dress.  Her favorite one is a pink dress with a little tutu on it.

On Wednesday we had to go somewhere and Bella had sneaked one of Annika's bracelets out of the house with her.  When Annika realized that she asked for it back, well Bella very sternly replied "you can't have it, it's mine, it matches my clothes so I have to have it."   She bawled when I finally had to intervene and take it back for Annika.

Today Bella comes to me very sweetly and hands me a bottle of nail polish and asks me to paint her nails.  I finish her fingers and then she said that I had to do her toes too so that "they can be really pretty too."

Where did this kid come from!?!


Tammie said...

That a Girl!!!! Just goes to show you that despite best intentions kids are who they are. The only thing to worry about is if Johnny likes accessories and polish too!!!

James said...

Over my dead body.

Jana said...

It was fun to read this post and learn a little bit about Bella. She would have fit right in with Kenna when she was little.