Thursday, November 4, 2010

Annika's birthday

I'm a little behind, but Annika had her sixth birthday a few weeks ago.  Sometimes it seems like she is so much older, but at other times I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Annika is a fun kid to be around.  She is funny, loves to laugh and is very kind.  I can always count on her to nice to her little brother and sister and most of the time to her older sister as well.  She loves to be moving, she has really been loving this great weather lately and has been playing outside for hours every day.  This year she officially joined the Jump Rope Club at school (I say officially becusae she came with me all of last year, but wasn't a student yet) and just this week she was able to pass off her first task of 25 single jumps.  She worked everyday on this and was very proud when she was able to do it.  She is also working hard at school and loves her teachers and learning new things.

For Annika's birthday this year she decided to go with a Halloween theme.  For her cake she had seen the commercials for a BigTop Cupcake and really wanted that.  It came out okay, but I think she was a bit disappointed that it wasn't as cool as on TV, although mostly that was because her mom has no cake skills.  It seems that we also forgot to get a picture of it, we have it on the camcorder but no photos, oops!  She was also able to have friends over this year and she had a blast playing and hanging out with them. 

 Here are the kids enjoying dinner.
 Annika being silly.
 Opening present from her friends.
More presents.

We are so glad to have Annika in our family and love the happiness she shares with all of us.  Happy 6th Birthday Annika!

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