Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taking care of baby

Lifting Baby
Nursing Baby

Testing Baby’s Bottle
Feeding Baby
Checking Baby’s Diaper
Changing Baby’s Diaper
Bundling Baby
Waking Baby
Fun Games for Baby
Buckling Up Baby
Walking with Baby
Shopping with Baby
Playing with Baby
Exercising Baby
Massaging Baby
Washing Baby
Drying Baby
Helping Baby Teethe
Calming Baby
Stimulating Baby
Bonding with Baby
Making Baby Smile
Introducing Baby to Pets
Clearing Baby’s Nose
Putting Baby to Bed
Babyproofing your Home
Choosing a Babysitter


Melissa said...

Haha...that's great! :) Sadly, some people really could use this advice!! :)

Amberly said...

Too funny!

Amber F said...

I love it! Sometimes I feel like putting my kids in the bottom of the shopping cart under the food so that they can't get out of the buckle and run away. Not that my perfect children ever do that...