Sunday, October 17, 2010

More frustration

Today James and I were discussing the idea of upgrading to a higher speed internet, we spend enough time on it that we might as well get our moneys worth.  So I have been a user of Qwest for five years, several years ago I signed up for paperless billing and automatic payments.  As such I haven't accessed the account in a while.  I get an email every month telling me how much my payment will be and when it will be deducted, as I don't have to do anything I have typically ignored it, I know I should check things periodically, but I haven't.  So today I click on the link in the email to log into my account and view my bill.  I am able to log in, but I am then taken to a screen where I have to validate my account.  The validation code that I need is printed on the bill, so in order to be able to view my bill, I need to know the code that is on my bill, anyone else see the great logic of that one.   There was the option to have the code sent to me, not by email, the way that they will send you your password, no you have to wait 7-10 and get it in the mail. 


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Anonymous said... right! But...very funny (for me to read).