Tuesday, January 15, 2013


September was a pretty slow month picture wise, I only a have few. We spent the month getting back into the swing of things and staying busy with the kids schedules. Arabella has preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays, and she has gymnastics on Wednesdays. MacKayla has piano on Mondays and choir on Wednesdays. Annika has gymnastics on Wednesdays. We also watch a friends kids after school several days a week, so we keep pretty busy during the school year. I still can't figure out why I was dumb enough to have everyone taking an activity on the same day of the week though, it makes for a really crazy day.

Dad and Jonathan had a great conversation this month that we had to share:
Conversation between Johnny and Daddy:
J: clothes please
D: here's a Star Wars shirt
J: no football
D: how about this Star Wars shirt
J: football
D: here's Spiderman
J: football
D: what about Superman
J: want football
D: how about trucks
J: (exasperated) football!
D: (giving him his football shirt from yesterday) a little part of me just died boy
J: (runs off laughing in his football shirt)

Jonathan is the first of our kids to really care about what he is wearing while little, crazy since he is the boy, but it does make for a great story!
 Having fun playing with a few of his balls.
 Hanging out with mom.
 Showing off the dinosaur cards.
Poor James has had acid reflux since he was a teenager. He decided it was time to find out if we could fix the problem or at least make sure it wasn't doing major damage. He had to have a test done where he had to wear this tube down his nose and into his stomach for 24 hours, the poor guy was miserable! He did get some results from the tests and they were a mixed bag for him. He found out that there is no damage from all of his reflux, which is a great thing. They also told him that he doesn't really have reflux, which was an odd thing to hear. Basically his tests all showed that he was in the normal range on everything. He just has a really sensitive esophagus that makes it feel like he has severe reflux. While we have given him lots of ribbing about this, we do feel bad that he feels like it is really bad and especially that he had to go through such awful testing.

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