Saturday, January 12, 2013


Once again my great intention of getting caught up on the blog failed. Let's see if I can keep it up this time. We have had so much fun over the past few months, that taking the time to blog has been hard. But here is more of our adventures.

June brought the summer fun to our family. MacKayla and Annika took tennis lessons, all of the girls played softball/tee-ball, and we had fun doing lots of other summer things.

MacKayla ready to play tennis.
Annika making friends while learning to play.
Great hit Annika!

Gotta love the enthusiasm. 
I finally got myself a birthday gift, a new grill and we had lots of great cookouts with it.
We did some rearranging of the house and moved the girls into the big room downstairs and then Johnny into what used to be the girls room. I had a firm rule however that my boy would not sleep in a Princess room, so we painted his room this awesome shade of blue. Johnny has loved his new room, here he was trying to help me put his bed together.
It wouldn't be a June post in Idaho if we didn't include the day that it snowed.
MacKayla and Annika's team photo.
My awesome girls.
Having some fun in our new pool.
Feeding the chickens at our friends house.

Annika is still too afraid to go into the goat pen at the Zoo, but the other kids had a blast playing with the goats.
Our annual photo on the tiger at the Zoo.
My little chicks.

Our stake put on a fireside about the life of Joseph Smith, it was done in a reader's theater style and MacKayla was asked to play the role of Emma Belle, the granddaughter of Joseph Smith. She did a great job with her lines and even performed a solo of a song about what it would have been like to know her grandfather. I haven't figured out how to post a sound file, but when I do I will add it.
Johnny got really bored with the girls games this summer. We had games everyday of the week but Friday and Sunday for the whole month and he spent a lot of time bored on the grass.
Ready to steal home.

Annika to bat.

MacKayla was always ready to catch the ball.

Arabella with her coach.
What a hit!

We were having some summer fun with friends and the kids wanted me to throw them into the pool, I think I had more fun than they did.

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