Thursday, January 17, 2013


November was a whirlwind month here, we seemed to busy all of the time. We started out the month with Annika's baptism. We were so proud of her and her choice to be baptized. We had family come in for the baptism and we loved spending time with them. After getting baptized Annika made the choice to get her ears pierced and she did really well with that, somehow of course I didn't get a photo of her new earrings though. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with more family and had a great time pigging out on yummy food.

 Annika all ready to go.
 She was so beautiful.
 Excited to get in there for the baptism.
 Annika and a friend Jeff were getting baptized together, and so the families got together and sang a song for the program. The kids sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" and they did a wonderful job! Jeff's older sister Amanda, who used to teach the girls piano, played for them. Natalie and MacKayla joined Annika and Jeff in singing.
 All dressed and ready for the baptism.
 Proud dad and Annika.
 Right after the baptism.
 Family picture time.
  Dad, Jonathan, Grandma, Mom, Arabella, Annika, MacKayla, Kelsey, Jadelynn and Grandpa.
 Grandpa and Bella making scary faces for the camera.
 While Grandma and Grandpa were in town we went to the museum to see the King Tut exhibit, it was pretty cool.
 Grandpa and Johnny bonding over watching basketball.
 We had parent/teacher conferences and the kids are both doing really well. I loved this paper that Annika had filled out for what her dream job will be, I will transcribe is her so you can see her answers.

She plans to work at disney land
10 Reasons my dream job is the best job of all:

1. It is fun
2. It is disny land
3. Ther is a lot of fun rides
4. You get money
5. You have fun to
6. You make alot of friends
7. You might work at a gift shop
8. You could buy things
9. You could help people
10. Evey body will like it

 MacKayla, Annika and I went and saw the play Wizard of Oz put on by the Youth Arts Council. They did a fabulous job and the girls loved the play.
 MacKayla making a weird face for the camera.
 Jonathan loves to use the hand towels from the bathroom as his towel, what a silly kid.
 This is how we dress warm in Idaho, it might have been 0 outside but this was what Bella wore to gymnastics.
Bella having fun and playing. In the background you can see my mom. She and Troy can to spend Thanksgiving with us as well as our cousin Jadelynn.  We had a great time together and the kids got to celebrate an early Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Crites. The weekend after Thanksgiving MacKayla was asked to sing in Sacrament meeting. She sang "I Know that My Savior Loves Me." She was a little nervous when she began, but did very well overall, we were impressed with her willingness to sing in front of everyone.

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