Wednesday, January 16, 2013


October was a fun month for our family. We really love Halloween and love decorating the house for it. We also had fun celebrating Annika's 8th birthday, I can't believe how fast that kid has grown up. She is such a fun kid and she really keeps us on our toes. She can be found playing outside much of the time and is always making friends wherever we go. She is a great big sister to Jonathan and loves to play with and entertain him, she is also excited to welcome a new baby to the family. She can be a great sister to MacKayla and Arabella as well, but she is also really good at picking on them until someone cries. I guess that is the love/hate relationship of sisters.

 Jonathan showing off his cute smile and new buzzcut.

 Where's Johnny?
 I have no idea what this child was doing, but she came in from playing outside and was filthy. She is so funny and is often covered in some manner of filth.
 Annika showing off he new scripture bag that she got for her birthday.
 Dressed up in her Frankie Stein costume for her birthday party.

 I can't bring out the camera without this guy wanting to take a picture, but mostly so he can see himself on the camera.
 Bella all ready for the party, she was dressed as Super Girl.
 Harry Potter Yoda, Annika wanted him to have a scar for the party.
 Blowing out her candles, she had a lot of fun with her friends over for the party.

 Trying to catch a photo of her opening presents, it was quite the whirlwind.

 We took the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins for the year, they also got to go on the train ride and they had a blast.


 Jonathan did not want to take a picture for mom.

A little happier once he got his sucker.
 We had a fun girls night thie year where we made disgusting looking yummy things. These were my gummy worms, they tasted pretty good, but they looked really real. If you are interested in making them the recipe can be found here.
 A friend knows how much Johnny loves football and gave him a Cowboys hat and football. I tried to get him to stand still enough to get a fun picture showing them off, but this was the best I could get.

Arabella got to go on her first field trip, they went to the fire station. They got to get into the trucks, and learn all about what a fire man does, she had a lot of fun.
 Johnny got to go to the fire station with us as well.
 Fire Fighter Bella to the rescue.

Ever the poser.

Somehow in the hustle and bustle of Halloween I never managed to get a photo of the kids dressed up in their costumes. MacKayla went as Harry Potter, Annika was a witch, Arabella was Princess Leia and Jonathan was Yoda. Mom, Jonathan and Bella went trick-or-treating with the big kids and dad for a little while and then we called it a night, Dad then took the big girls out for a while longer.  All in all the kids loved trick-or-treating and were very excited about the candy. It took Jonathan a few houses to get into the spirit of the night, but once he understood what to do he was all over getting candy and would get quite mad when someone would not open their door.

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