Monday, January 14, 2013


August had us taking a fun family trip to St. George and celebrating Jonathan's second birthday. The girls also started school at the end of the month.

 Bella showing off her skills at the pool, she has no fear of the water.
 Johnny didn't cry the whole time he was in the water, in fact I think he may have smiled a few times.

 MacKayla and Grandpa playing in the big pool.
 Johnny playing with his new ball.
 Annika loving the water.
 Jonathan had an Avengers party for his second birthday.

 Excited for his cake.
 Blowing out the candle.
 A little messy but not too bad.
 While in St. George we went to the community center and played in their indoor/outdoor water park. It was such a great play center and I wish we could have something like it here.
 Unfortunately the photos of Johnny opening his presents didn't come out very well, so here is one and I will spare you the rest of the blurry ones.

 Jonathan had a blast playing peek-a-boo in the fireplace in the condo.
 Making quite the mess on the drive home.
 Bella fell asleep behind James on the couch, he didn't want to move too much and wake her up.
 Hiding in the tent here, Johnny learned to climb out of his bed, but we were not ready for him to be able to do that, so we put the crib tent on. It has worked great!
 Enjoying a baseball game while we were out to dinner.
 All set for the Pediatric Center annual fun run. The kids all had a blast and mom and Johnny even ran for a good part of his run.
 MacKayla all set for her first day of fourth grade. She is is Ms. Hammond's class this year and loves it. We did tease her a bit about being a nerd after she picked this outfit, but she proudly calls herself a nerd, just like her dad.
 Annika rocking the '80's shirt for her first day of second grade with Mrs. Ford. Annika loves school and is having a lot of fun making new friends and learning cool things.
 Arabella all set for her first day of 4 year old preschool. She loves Mrs. Terri, and going to preschool is the highlight of her week.
 Getting on the bus for school.
 The girls all together on their first day.

 A last trip to the Zoo for the summer.
Family reading time. I love that each of our kids love to read. You will notice however, that even though he is enjoying a book, Johnny still has a ball close at hand.
And the most exciting news of the summer for our family is that we will be adding another little one in April. The kids are all very excited and can't wait until the baby comes.

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