Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on the girls

This is the second post of the day, if you are interested in May's books that is posted under this one.

This past month was an eventful one which is evidenced by my lack of posts. So here is a big update on everyone.

MacKayla: This month MacKayla graduated from kindergarten. The kids had a fun little presentation where they sang the songs to us that they had been working on all year. The kids then each received their "diploma." Unfortunately I don't have a picture when MacKayla actually received her certificate as for probably one of the only times in her life, her name was called first. We were expecting that as she has a W last name she would be called last and the camera was not ready. We did record the show and can show that to interested grandparents when we see them soon. MacKayla also received an award at school for having perfect attendance, quite a feat!
With some of her best friends
With her teacher Mrs. Taylor
Another great friend. I was able to get a picture of them together on the first day of school as well...look how much they grew.

MacKayla also performed in her third dance recital and enjoyed it greatly. She received a trophy which she thinks is just about the coolest thing in the world for her third year of participation.
What a ham

Lastly today MacKayla got her third haircut of her life. She again donated her hair to locks of love. We are proud of her for being willing to give of herself.
Way to go MacKayla.

Annika: This past month Annika finished her first year of preschool, and boy did she love it. She was very sad to learn that the week after she finished the three year old program that the four year old program didn't start until after the summer. She was ready to go back the next week. Annika has learned how to count to 100 (with minimal help on some transition numbers), all of her letters and most of their sounds, as well as the usual of colors and shapes. She has also learned a lot about reading while we were working with MacKayla and at times she is the better one at sounding out a word.

Annika also finished her second year of dance and had a blast in her Beautiful Baby dance. She looked so cute up there and smiled and danced really well this year. She received a medal for her hard work and participation this year.
Such a ham
Showing off her medal

Annika has also reached the wonderful "why" stage. We were able to skip that with MacKayla, but every other phrase out of Annika's mouth is why. "Why is there a mirror" "why is there a line in the street" "why can't we hit other cars" "why do they have sinks here"...these were just a few of her questions while we were out today.

Arabella: This past month has found Arabella improving her walking and taking off. She is developing quite a little personsality as well, she knows what she wants and she will get it. We have also worked on signs with Bella and she is doing really well at communicating what she wants, especially eat and please. She will sign and say "ple" whenever she wants anything. When she is hungry or thristy she signs eat and please.
Hot stuff coming through


Nancy J said...

Your girls are adorable. They did so good in the recital! It was fun to watch them.

Jana said...

Your girls rock! They couldn't be any cuter. Lots of fun stuff to read about!

Mary Jones said...

Sounds like you had a busy month. I think HS graduations should be like Kindergarten, with a few fun songs and last about 1/2 hour. MaKayla's hair is darling and I love how your family donates all of that thick, beautiful hair. The why's made me laugh, very original.

Amberly said...

I love all the pictures. Your girls are so cute. I love that picture of little Bella. She is precious!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I LOVE your girls. Love, love, love!