Monday, June 8, 2009

Man can live by crackers alone

I just got done with this week's couponing. Now if we ever have to live on our food storage we will live on cereal, salad dressing, pasta saled, Macaroni and Cheese, and now crackers. The deals were just too good not to buy a ton. So here's the breakdown for today.

Subtotal: $4.19
Tax: $6.27
Total: $10.46

26 boxes of Ritz crackers
26 boxes of Wheat Thins crackers
4 boxes Life Cereal
5 boxes of Granola bars
1 Twix bar
2 loaves garlic bread


Nancy J said...

Albertson's I assume? How do you do it? Those are actually things we eat so I am interested. What sort of coupons do I need?

Karen and Scott said...

Was there a coupon for the Twix? :-)

Jana said...

That is my kind of food storage!

Wammack Family said...

I did use Albertson's. They had the crackers on sale 4 for $10, and if you spent $10, you got an automatic $3 off. I then had a coupon for buy any Ritz get a free Wheat Thins. So there was another $5 off. I then used two $1 off Ritz coupons and all I paid was tax. I tend to use Ebay to get the coupons that I need, I guess I should add in the $3 that I paid for the coupons. So it does cost a little to get them, but they more than pay for themselves.

As for the Twix, I did in fact have a coupon for it as well. Every Friday is giving away a coupon for a free M&M/Mars candy bar. You can get a total of four (one per week) to each household.