Saturday, December 6, 2008

A post that must be read

I will be posting the last post of my kids later, but for now I wanted to link to an article that all LDS members should read. James posted it on his blog with the highlights, the actual article can be found here.

The articles are about the "boycott of the Mormons", we are apparently the new "Mormon Question" and quotes are provided for how to deal with us. This type of behavior and mindset scares me to no end. The LDS people have been harassed for years, however, I had thought that we were moving past that in most places. But to see the blind hatred and treatment of our people is a scary thing. I cannot believe that people don't see their actions as the same type enacted by the Nazis in Germany against the Jews.

Take a few minutes, read the articles, and let's talk about ways that we can work on this.


JulieJ said...

Thanks for the information. What a scary world we live in. The prophesies tell us we will be persecuted in the last days. I was hoping that was a little farther off. Scary!

Bill and Tammie said...

Interesting read, but I wonder how this really affects the mormon community. Only the gay community itself and those real close are going to engage in such extreme behavior. I don't think the majority of the people even those that opposed prop 8 will go to boycott extremes. But I could be wrong!

mommydeb said...

That is scary. I've been reading some scary e-mails about stuff going on around the SLC and LA temples too. The LA temple had a lock down due to riots and bomb threats and people got trapped inside all day!

Desi said...

It is interesting to see history repeat itself, albeit in new formats. We need to model Christlike behavior, no matter what else is going on. It creaps me out a bit to see how far some people will go, and makes my heart ache for them.