Monday, December 15, 2008

Deal of the week

I love coupons! I almost feel like I am cheating the store when I walk out with four full bags of groceries and only pay $10.29. So today's wonderful trip included getting:

20 bags of vegetable steamers (corn, pees, broccoli, and green beans)
11 cake mixes (I didn't have a coupon for these, but I needed them)
1 box of Cheerios
1 bottle of Cascade
1 tub of yogurt
4 candy bars

What fun!


The Kunasek's said...

I seriously wish that I had the time to go through coupons and get such great deals!!! I am totally jealous =-)

Leserlee said...

Very impressive. I would go out and buy a lot of Steamers, but we don't have room in our freezer.

The Freed Family said...

You are turning into Billie. We are going to start needing lessons and emails from you too.

Billie said...

Good job. I have a post going up from Albertsons this week, too. Your's is healthier than mine, though. Mine has a lot of diet coke in it.

Amberly said...

I need in on this email list that tells people where the deals are. I can never figure it out on my own. Good job on the deals!