Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just Annika

When I try to describe Annika I often have a hard time doing so. The best way to describe her is just Annika. She is a smart, daring, mischievous, cute, funny, sly, whiny, kind, ball of energy. She can be the sweetest kid in the world and then she turns on me and becomes a little terror. Just as soon as you think you have her pegged she goes and changes.

Annika February 2005

Annika loves to help me though (except for clean up). She is the one who always wants to be in the kitchen helping me to cook. She wants to try everything that I am doing and she is proving to be a very good bread maker. I guess part of her love of cooking comes from her love of eating. This kid will eat all day long and everything that she can find if I let her. The only thing that saves her in that regard is that she is always moving and she enjoys good snacks.

I love that she can be a fearless kid, ready to tackle anything that life has in store for her, until an animal comes on the scene. She is terrified of animals in person, she loves them at the zoo and in books, but don't you dare let one near her.

So to sum it up she is...just Annika, and I love her just as she is.

September 2008


Leserlee said...

It just amazes me how much all three girls looked as babies. But then again, lots of babies look the same.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

She is the perfect second child - and being a second child myself, I can tell PERFECT when I see it. I agree with it all - she is great - but then what can you expect when you see how wonderful her mom is?