Monday, December 8, 2008

Arabella by any other name

Arabella is one cute little kid. She has a happy disposition and is a fun little kid to play with. She loves to laugh and is quick to give you a smile; I especially love the squinty eyed smile that you get when she is very happy.

Just home from the hospital Feb 2008

She is also the child that we have given the most nicknames to, she is never going to know what her real name is. The first and obvious nickname that she picked up was Bella, and that is what we call her the most. The name morphed into Bell, and she loves when dad swings her side to side and says that he is ringing his bell. Bella-boo is another fun one that has stuck. The name that is the funniest and that Annika has latched onto for her is Bellzebub, yes the child who is the best behaved is the one with a nickname reminiscent of the devil.

Overall this is one fun little kid and we are so lucky to have her in our family.

November 2008


Darin and Shannon said...

I love the pictures, especially the one at the bottom. I think you could also call her sweet cheeks. They are so adorable I could kiss them!

The Freed Family said...

I love all the nicknames. They are cute. Tyson has had the most at our home--and most of them don't really even have to do with his name. (Examples: Roo, Roozy, Rubin, Tycer-buggy, and Bug-man) He answers to all of them. Poor kid, he probably doesn't even know what his name is! We thought we'd call him Ty, but we never have. It just doesn't fit.

mommydeb said...

I think each child must get more and more nicknames, cause Chase has had the most so far too! Baby-face Chase, Chunky monkey, Chubby Chase,Chasey Wasey Woo Woo, just to name a few that go along with his name. We also have a bunch that are just names like Mr. Man (or my spanish speaking 5th grader's version Senior Hombre!)

Mary Jones said...

I love it. She is such a cutie. You know some kids names are just irresistable to nicknames. My sister-in-law was trying to be really conciensious about naming her daughter, so it wouldn't be prone to nicknames. It is Elliotte and they called her Ellie. Then discovered it could be Smelly Ellie, Belly, etc. Needless to say they call her Elliotte. I don't see how you could find a bad nickname with Arabella the beautiful.