Sunday, July 8, 2012


March found us celebrating MacKayla's ninth birthday.  Wow, I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  We had a low-key party this year and just had two friends come over for a late night and movie. We are so lucky to have her in our family and are so grateful that she is growing into such a wonderful young lady.
 For her birthday we went out together for breakfast and then she picked out a new bike.  She loves it and thinks that it is a lot of fun.
 We are lucky to have a cousin going to school up in Rexburg and she has a birthday just a few days after MacKayla, so we decided to have a family party.  The cake has pink candles for MacKayla and white for Jadelynn.
 Here is Jade with the girls, she is so sweet to them and love having her come visit.

 MacKayla and Jade blowing out the candles.
 Johnny snuck a cracker.
 Look at me, I'm cute.
 Annika played basketball again in the spring and loved it!  She was on a team of boys, with one girl who came occasionally.  She kept up with them, and has improved a lot.  While she was playing with the boys though, she did keep it girly with a hot pink ball and gym shorts.
 For Pi day (March 14, 3.14) we celebrated with having a homemade turkey pot pie, and an apple turtle pie.
 Poor Bella had been having problems with ear infections, she had one at Halloween, another at Thanksgiving, again at Christmas, and another at her birthday.  Two weeks after getting over the birthday one, she got another one.  At that point the doctor put her on a heavy duty antibiotic, and decided it was time for tubes.  So in March she had tubes put in and her adenoids removed.  She was such a trooper and was so cute in the hospital, she had everyone eating out of her hand.  She got through the surgery pretty well, but she was a bit sick afterwards.
The green bear that she is holding was given to her when she got to the hospital to make her feel better and she loved it.  She also got to take her blankie with her and was in heaven over that.
 The nurse dressed her up so she could be the doctor, isn't she so cute!
 Putting on the mask and showing off.
 We finally joined the world of flatscreen TV's.  We have a 42" TV and love it.  The old TV hadn't responded to a remote in several years, and finally died.  While we were sad to have to buy something else, it has made watching TV fun again.
 Going for a drive.
 Playing Glo-Golf over Spring Break with some friends.
 Silly kids.
Monkey boy getting into trouble.

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