Monday, July 9, 2012


 April was more of the same around here.  Not much went on but we had fun anyways.  We did celebrate James' birthday, but somehow we managed not to get any pictures of that.  He says that he is old now, he is a whopping 33!
 Johnny loved going to Annika's basketball practice, he thought he was one of the big boys and should be able to join in.
 Ready to make a basket.
 Being a cutie.
 Bella showing off going down the slide.
 All set for bed, he had two binkies, two blankies, and Yoda, he was a happy camper.
 We took the kids to the museum to see Dinosaur Sue.  James is actually having fun, he didn't realize that he would be in the picture.
 Cowboy Johnny, he didn't want to sit still, so we have a blurry picture,
 Annika ready to ride.
 Having an old fashioned meal in a log cabin. 
 Arabella's turn. 
 MacKayla the Cowgirl.
 Silly face Easter Eggs.
 Dyed eggs.
 Johnny enjoyed his dinner, and then playing with the basket.
 Showing off a bit of her clothes style and the messy face that she always manages to have.  I swore that I would never let a kid leave the house with a messy face, yet I am amazed at how often she eludes me until we get somewhere and I realize she is a mess. 
 Annika ready to play.
Johnny hanging out with Dad.
Annika's piano recital.  The girls loved playing and had a wonderful teacher.
MacKayla's recital piece.  She decided to sing and play the second song, and I think she got a little too nervous to be able to do both.  She did well overall, but did stumble a bit.

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