Saturday, July 7, 2012

Catch Up Again - January/February

Once again I was able to get so far behind on the blog, that is is impossible to fully catch up. Instead I will just try to do what I can and go from there.

I posted a few entries back in February, but here is the catch up for January/February.

 Bella being cute.
 Johnny loves dogs and while at the pet store he could not get enough of them.  Here he is laying on the floor to play with the "pupa" as he called them then.
 Bella with her best friend Rigdon. She calls him her crush.
 Annika being adorable.
 MacKayla all dressed in her choir uniform.  They had a performance in January where they sang all Christmas songs, we joked that the one in May would be Easter songs.  I don't have the videos on here, but the songs are most of the same ones from the post of their Christmas concert before.
 The poser Bella, she loves that my phone takes pictures and wants them taken all the time now.
 Johnny just being a doll.  There will be quite a few of Johnny, just because he is home more, and is often so darn cute.
 Fake an injury day at school.
 Bella was pretending to give them their injuries. 
 I helped put on the third grade math and science olympics for the school this year.  One of the events was the egg drop and this is Daddy and MacKayla making theirs.  Annika decided that she wanted to participate as well, and made one of her own.
 The eggs were to be dropped from about 6 feet, so here is James testing theirs.
 Woohoo!  The egg survived.  At the actual competition the egg survived the 6 foot fall, but cracked on the 8 foot.  Also the design was really big, so they lost.
Annika ready to test hers. 
 Oh-no!  Annika's did not fare so well.
 Crazy hair day at school.
 Sweet Bells again.
 Wacky-Tacky Day at school. Annika would dress like this regularly if I let her.  She has a very interesting fashion sense.
 Spiky hair Johnny, I have had fun doing different things with his hair.
 Someone needs to teach that boy how to ride a bike.
 Smiley boy.
 I love how happy he is.
 Isn't he a doll.
 Like father, like son!
 Triplet fun.

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