Monday, February 27, 2012

Fall Basketball: Annika

Annika is a very energetic kid and we thought she would enjoy playing basketball.  She was a bit timid to go out and get the ball, but when she had it she did really well with it.  For a kid who had never touched a basketball before she learned a lot of skills and improved greatly.  She was able to play with one of her best friends and they had a lot of fun together (there were only three girls on the team.)

Annika liked it so much that she is going to play again this spring.

 Ready for action
 Let's get that ball

 Taking a shot 
 Hustle, hustle
 The boys were lined up for her, or maybe the ball :) 
 Still working on getting her hands up for blocking
 Taking the ball down the court 
 She shoots 
 It's good! 
 Perfect shot 
 Bella enjoying the game as well
Bella's mean face

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