Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They Grow Up So Fast

Little Johnny is growing up to fast, he was just a baby and now Grandpa is teaching him to shave.

Here are some more random, fun photos of the boy over the past couple of months.
 Johnny loved the dogs at the pet store so much.
 We might just have to get a dog for this guy

 He wouldn't smile, but this picture is for Grandpa Wammack.  He is wearing a F4U Corsair shirt.
 It needs to be summer so this boy can learn to ride a bike.
 He loves to read books, and even more then reading them, pulling them all of the shelf.
 Give me the phone mom!
 Bummer that it was fuzzy, but isn't he adorable.
 I love when he gives me the cheesy grins.
 He looks so grown up here.
 Just adorable.
Nerd boys!  Like father, like son!

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