Thursday, August 4, 2011

Technology, why can't you just work?

Apparently the slideshow doesn't work sometimes on some machines, who knows why? So if you are interested here is Jonathan's first year in photos.

August 3, 2010 - Handsomest newborn around (okay, all newborns look weird, but I have to think he is the cutest)
August - Usually I only do one per month as the official month photo, but this was his newborn photo that we shared and it goes along with his one year photo.
September - early grins are so adorable!
October - his shirt might say he's a monster, but he is an angel.
November - I love the bright eyes and the backwards cap
December - you would think I would have a Christmas photo, but alas I don't.
January - Tummy time, he still didn't learn to roll over or crawl until he was 10 months, silly boy.
February - He looks like a little man in his "daddy" shirt.
March - Is that not the best smile in the world, I love how his whole face is animated.
April - Gotta love the pea face, every baby has to have fun with peas.
May - He started to thin out here and is looking less like a baby.
June - All grown and sporting awesome jammies, he is such a cute guy.
July - I love the mohawk, I think it makes him look even more adorable, although, again less like a baby.
August 3, 2011 - One year old and as cute as can be!  It was so fun to put him back in the bomber jacket and see how much he had grown.  Welcome to toddler-hood Little Man, we sure love you a lot!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bomber jacket picture, it looked like it would never fit and in only 1 year...they grow way too fast. Next it will be him in a suit receiving the priesthood, you'll blink your eyes and be sending him on a mission. Life happens soooo fast!!! Enjoy him!!!