Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of school for the older girls and today was Arabella's first day.  They had a lot of fun and each of them loved their first days. 

MacKayla is in third grade with Mrs. Anderson, she said that her teacher is very nice and that they had fun doing math yesterday.  She said they also learned about the Golden Rule - "something about being nice to people."  MacKayla is very excited for third grade and can't wait until the book writing project so she can write her own book.
Showing off her awesome backpack.

Annika is in first grade this year with Mrs. Jensen, and Annika said she is the best teacher ever.  She said that Mrs. Jensen was so nice and never had to be mean to her, but she did have to be mean to others because they were not being good.  Annika is very excited to be going to school all day now and getting to eat lunch at school.
What a beautiful grin.
Showing off her Monster High backpack, her newest obsession.
 Arabella started preschool this week with Mrs. Terri, and she thinks Mrs. Terri is awesome.  Bella had fun learning about school rules, learning her friends names and the color red.  She is excited to go back to school on Thursday.
In all her cheesiness.
What a cutie!
Ready for the first day.
They do love each other.
Hanging out with E at the bus stop.
All set to head off to school.
Bye Mom!
Bella's first day and more love.

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