Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Fun Run

Our pediatrician's office sponsors a family run, and for the first time we decided to join in.  They broke the race into heats by age group, 0-3, 4-6, 7-9...The 0-6 group ran the short race, probable about 1/4 mile.  The older kids ran a mile. 

Annika was in the 4-6 group and she was the first to go.  I waited on the sidelines for her to pass and at the half way point she was in the lead for the girls, there were a few boys ahead of her.  She ended up crossing the finish line first for the girls and probably fifth overall.  She received a trophy for first place, she was beyond jazzed!  She has been excited for this for a while and was sure that she would win, I guess all that energy in her paid off. 
Annika receiving her trophy.
Bella and Johnny's race was next.  I skipped the first half as I was watching Annika, but Johnny and I joined Bella for the second half.  Bella was in the back of the pack, but was smiling and having fun.  When I joined her I asked if she wanted to run, she said no she wanted to skippy-jump the rest, so that is what she did, a bit of a sideways skip-jump.  She had fun and ended with big smiles.  Johnny just chilled in the stroller and was content.

MacKayla's race was last and was not the happy fun of the rest of them.  MacKayla had set her sights on a trophy as well.  Well I guess she got tired really fast and when I saw her at the 1/8 mile she was in tears and the very last kid.  She was mad, especially when Annika showed off her trophy.  She ended up walking the whole thing, she did finish and not last, but she said that she did not have any fun.  Oh well, I guess in life we have to learn to take disappointment as well as success. 

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