Friday, September 10, 2010

Are they really mine?

Do you ever have a day where you look at your kids and question whether they are really yours?  How could someone related to you do something so crazy?  Well we have had a few of those lately.

Looks a bit like Medusa here, but at least still cute.
On Sunday James was helping with the church service at the nursing home in the ward.  While he was gone Arabella came upstairs wearing a bead necklace and talking about her beads.  She then tells me that she has a bead in her nose.  I thought she had just misspoke, for of course she wouldn't be a goober and put a bead in her nose.  Well I looked in there and sure enough I could see a blue bead deep in her nose.  When asked why she did it, she smiled and said "I don't know," her standard answer whenever she does something wrong.  I then tried to see if I could push the bead out from above it, that didn't work, so I called the doctors office to see if we could get in for them to get it out.  Our home teacher happened to be with James at the nursing home so I called his wife to see if he had his cell on him, because of course James who takes his any other time didn't have it.  Our home teacher didn't have his, but his wife offered to go over and get James for me.  When told of what was going on, James just hoped it wasn't the older girls or Johnny, the older ones because they really should know better and Johnny because he was so little.  Bella was the only one that he could see doing it and not be really annoyed at.  Anyways, James gets home and he decides to play doctor.  He gets his Swiss army knife out and uses the tweezers to try and pry the bead out.  That didn't work unfortunately.  He then got out the toothpick from the knife and wiggled that into the bead.  He was then able to pull the bead out and become the hero of the day.  We canceled the doctors appointment and told Bella that she would get a shot if she ever did that again.

Seriously, that is what she came up with!
For the last few years I have let the girls pick out their own clothes for school.  For the most part I like all of the things that they have and the combinations that they came up with passed the decency test.  Today that changed however.  Annika decided that she wanted to wear a skirt to school today, I said sure.  She then came out of her room looking like this.  The shirt is cute, the pants are cute, I even like the skirt, however the combination of the three is crazy.  I let her go like this but I laughed that she would want to.

Now of course since Annika was going to wear a dress to school MacKayla wanted to as well.  She picked out her really nice fancy church dress to wear, I vetoed that on account of it being a nice one.  I told her she could wear one of the other dresses that she had but not the one she wanted, well the water works started at that point.  She went into a full crying jag because she couldn't wear a dress to school.  Again I laughed (away from her of course) at the situation.  In the end she wore a nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt, now that I approve of. 

When I was a kid my mom would have given anything for me to wear a dress to school.  I absolutely hated to wear them, still do actually.  I always thought they got in the way of having fun at school.  You couldn't flip on the monkey bars, you had to sit carefully on the rug and any breeze would blow your skirt up.  I loved nothing more than a nice pair of jeans and a comfy t-shirt.  I guess I didn't pass such on to my girls however, oh well....


James said...

Bill Cosby's claim that all children have "brain damage" seems more and more accurate as time goes on. Their capacity for rational thought is clearly limited. Ironically, infants make much more sense since their behavior is mostly determined by hunger and comfort.

Jules said...

We've spent hundreds of dollars removing things form where they shouldn't be!!!! Sad, sad,but, how cute! Arabella's hair is so long and pretty! Mackayla and Annika looked so cute getting on the bus!