Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school

After a very long summer, it's finally the first day of school. 

MacKayla is now in second grade and is excited for everything about school.  She is really hoping to learn her times tables this year as we have been working on that at home.  She also loves to read and thinks that she can get over 200 AR points this year, last year she got 180. 

Annika is now my big kindergartner.  She has been wanting to go to school forever, as she would say.  She is excited that she gets to go everyday and that she gets to ride the bus to school.  Annika is also looking forward to doing math at school.  She loves to practice addition and subtraction with us.  Annika this summer has also worked really hard at learning to read and read almost 100 books already.  She really wants to get to take AR tests and earn prizes this year.


Jana said...

I wish MacKayla was in Kam's class this year. She is such a good student & friend. I love her personality. Glad I got to know her better last year.

Sounds like Annika is ready for a great year!

The Freed Family said... are on the ball....already posting about the first day! Your girls look cute in their polos and they sound so smart. 180 AR points....that is amazing. As for Annika, I thought AR didn't start until 1st grade. I can't believe she is already reading! Wow. Hailey is home sick today and had to miss the first day. Poor girl. I hope she's better for tomorrow.

Amberly said...

I need to send my kids to your house for some math training! The girls look super cute on their first day of school!!