Friday, August 27, 2010

Catching up

I have gotten behind in blogging, I need to finish posting the kids visit with their first grandparents, so that I can get to the second set. So here goes with a whirlwind of photos and fun.

One of the girls favorite things to do when their grandma is with them is to play beauty shop.  Well this time the girls wanted to have a fashion show and have grandma get dressed up as well.  She is a great sport and the girls had a blast sashaying around the room.  The paraded up and down, danced about and posed for all manner of photos.  It was a lot of fun watching them play.  I can't believe how grown-up Bella looks here though.
Aunt Kelsey spending time with each of the kids.  They sure love to play with her and love having her visit them.
We have a bad habit of forgetting to take a lot of pictures when the grandparents are here.  We usually remember to get some as they are loading up the car and getting ready to go.  As such this ended up being the only picture of grandma with Johnny.
Grandpa was also such a good sport with the kids.  The girls played beauty shop with him and did his hair, they played games outside and they climbed all over him.  They had a blast with him!
I loved this outfit on Johnny, I thought he was adorable.  This was taken on the 18th, so he was just over two weeks old.  At his two week check-up Johnny showed that he was growing like a weed, he was 9lbs 12oz, and about 22in.  The doctors goal was that he was at least back up to birthrate, well he certainly did that, and then gained almost another pound, no wonder the kid eats all the time.
These are my first attempts at getting group shots of the kids.  Not quite perfect, but it will do for a start.  The kids are all darn cute at least.

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Amberly said...

Love all the pictures. I really love that Grandma is a good sport about playing dress up. Johnny is so darn handsome! I wanted to catch you at church yesterday but got caught up talking to Tyler. He is darling!