Friday, May 22, 2009

Calling evil good

I was reading an article on FoxNews here about a curriculum being adopted in elementary schools. The curriculum begins in kindergarten and as I read the curriculum here, it's one of those cases where evil is masked as something good. The lessons begin with accepting friends and new people even if they are different, which seems like a wonderful thing to teach the kids. We want them to make new friends and to accept the kids who might be different then they are. However, it progresses quickly over the years into accepting alternative lifestyles and preferences as normal and good.

This is where I have a problem, I do not think that the schools should be able to dictate what is taught as "good" to my children. The article states that parents will not be able to opt their children out of the lessons. I can imagine that this will cause a great deal of confusion for kids. I know that when a teacher tells my children something it holds more weight than when I tell them. Is this going to cause them to question me and my teachings, or will the lessons taught from early on be able to combat the lessons that they are given?!?

Part of my problem with the curriculum is that I feel that it introduces topics that are far beyond those of the ages of the children. I don't have kids in third grade and up yet, so correct me if I am wrong, but how many of them really understand enough about "adult relations" (I am trying to avoid key words that can end up on weird searches) to be able to understand the different lifestyles that are being taught? I wonder if it is taught before they can understand so that they can be confused and call evil good.

I understand the need to teach children to respect others and their choices, but why should the schools be allowed to teach morality and what is right? I understand teaching them not to tease or bully, but I don't like the idea of the schools teaching that alternative lifestyle choices are perfectly normal.

I think this idea of the schools having ultimate control over what they teach our children is a slippery slope, if we allow things of this nature, what's next?!?


Anonymous said...

I Totally agree. What this is going to lead to is everyone Home Schooling there kids. Other wise they are going to be taught stuff that we do not agree with. It is just going to get worse and worse that is what is scary. Here's hoping that people will protest this matter and maybe have a chance to change it before it is to late. Brenda Fromm

mommydeb said...

I've heard about this too. They even want to extend it clear down to preschool aged children so it will really be engrained in who they are.

Leserlee said...

I heard about this while I was getting my degree at BYU. It's been in the education arena for along time. I'm just glad we have other options here in IF for schooling, just in case public schools get out of hand. Thankfully, I don't think they will here, because our state is so conservative. Good reason to stick around, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about that happening in Idaho as well. When I graduated from college a few parents took their kids out of school for that very reason and that was in Utah. I'm not actually sure if they went through with it in Utah. It is definitely wise to be aware. Thanks for reminding me.