Friday, April 17, 2009


This is my 100th post and I thought that as such I would highlight the various milestones that have been reached in our family lately.

James: On Sunday James will be 30, while he is getting older, he still had a Star Wars birthday party and received Lego's. James has also been very successful in his attempts at losing weight and has now lost 50 lbs, way to go James!
He is secure enough in his masculinity to not worry about his candles being pink :)La Tisha: I have been planning on getting a large part of my backyard that was nothing but weeds ready for a garden, and thanks to my wonderful father-in-law I was able to get that done last week. We are hoping to be able to do a large garden this year. I also started several of my plants in the house last week and most of them have started to sprout already. I have never grown anything from seed before so I am excited to be able to plant them in the garden and follow them all the way to the dinner table.
MacKayla: While her grandparents were here MacKayla had Grandpa teach her how to ride a bike and she is now a pro at zipping down the street on her bike. MacKayla was also lucky enough to win an Easter basket at the city egg hunt.

Annika: At the Easter egg hunt put on by the city Annika won a bike and was able to get on and ride away with the best of them. She is very excited because it is the same bike as MacKayla's.
Arabella: I was hoping to be able to post that she was walking by now, but alas the little stinker refuses to do so. She has gotten pretty good at getting to a standing position in the middle of the room, so walking should be coming soon. She has also figured out how to climb onto her bouncing horse and get it to bounce by herself, I will get a picture of that soon. Bella is also learning how to crawl up and down the stairs on her own. She has been a pro at going up for a while, but only recently has she been willing to go down them.
So there you have it, the big events of our lives.
The girls with the eggs they found in the house.
A great reminder that at the end of all of the bad, there is always something good. I love double rainbows.


Amberly said...

I love this post. Your girls hit it big at the Easter egg hunt!! Cute pictures, cute girls!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Your big girls are getting blonde hair! And Bella? She looks more and more like a big girl every time I see her. STOP!!!

Happy Birthday James - and thanks for losing 50 pounds - I found them like your kids found easter eggs!

La Tisha - you are a star doing a big garden and FROM SEED. It is SO much cheaper than from starts. Let me know how it goes. I'm getting itchy for a garden.

That was a very fun post - good job putting it all together. This is one that the grandkids will love.

The Freed Family said...

Those are some good milestones. You are very ambitious to start the seeds in your house. Let me know how it goes. I wish I could have attended Enrichment. I was looking forward to that one, but my sister insisted that I attend her party. Can't believe Annika's luck to win a bike, and MacKayla's too to win a basket. How is James losing all that weight--I need to lose 20 pounds?

Leserlee said...

Congrats on the bike! And is that four Lego sets I spy James getting for his birthday? And hooray for the seeds. I had so much fun teaching Enrichment for your ward. One of these days I need to do a seed starting presentation. I discovered I have lots of good information in my Master Gardener "Bible".

Desi said...

Happy 100th post! That's exciting! Looks like your girls had a blast for Easter! Great bikes too, no wonder they are having fun!

Happy birthday James! Rick turns 30 tomorrow and isn't really looking forward to what he terms "old." We're doing a How to Host a Murder again for his birthday party this week. Way to go Star Wars party and pink candles! :)

Have fun with your garden! They are a lot of work and a ton of fun!

Anderton Family said...

Some people have all the luck! Two big prizes in one family...Wow! Ron was telling me how great James looked at church. I didn't see him. That is awesome! How did he do it? We could use all the tips we can get! We recently started jogging. Hope we can keep it up. Oh yeah, what did you use for your box to put all your starts in. That's what I am trying to get started but don't know what to keep them in.