Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Messy dinner...poor little Bella

One of my favorite dinners to feed to kids when they are old enough to start feeding themselves is spaghetti. I love how it gets all over them, and I love watching them play with the noodles. I also love the wonderful pictures that their first spaghetti dinners make.
MacKayla April 2004 - 14 months (I love the coy smile she has here)Annika August 2005 - 10 1/2 months (she had a mouthful of teeth already and ate everything)
Arabella April 2009 - 14 1/2 months (She was loving playing in the noodles)

As for the title of poor Bella, she has been taking asthma medication for a while but was lucky enough to be able to take a pill. Well now she is having to use the nebulizer and she does not like it. We have to swaddle her in order to give it to her or she fights her way away from us. As all of the children have had to use the nebulizer at one time or another we have masks for each of them, and the older girls thought they would help Bella by wearing their masks as well. So here are my poor little girls.
You gotta feel sorry for that pathetic little face.Such hams.


Amberly said...

Cute pictures! That nebulizer picture is just sad. One of my girls has to use a nebulizer and I think she looks pitiful the entire time she is sitting there, it always makes her eyes water and then I want to cry!

Jana said...

Your babies all look the same! Cute messy dinner pictures.

mommydeb said...

Awww Chase had Spaghetti for the first time tonight too! I didn't get any pics though I should have!
I agree. Poor Bella :(

Leserlee said...

I just love that all the girls had pigtails. So cute. And I don't think they all look the same. With MacKayla's picture I thought "That doesn't look like Bella." Then I saw that it wasn't. And the next one looked just like Annika, but a little younger and with less hair. And then, whammo, Bella. Fun spaghetti stuff. Not so fun with the nebulizer.

The Kunasek's said...

yeah, i will be honest...i am scared of the mess!! =-) guess i better suck it up and let the little guy go to town hehe Your girls are too cute!

Erin said...

Your girls are so adorable. I hope Bella feels better poor kid. It's so hard to give them things they don't want and can't understand.