Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New beds and birthday party pics

We had been promising Annika that we would get her a new bed for her birthday, well that was five months ago and we just barely got it yesterday. She had been sleeping in her crib turned toddler bed. It was starting to get comical to put this tall lanky kid in the same bed that she slept in as an infant. We decided to get a bunk bed so that we would have enough beds that when Bella moves up and a new baby joins the family (no I am not announcing anything, just planning ahead) we wouldn't run out of room. So here are some pictures of the girls enjoying their new beds. (I love how their room actually looks purple, that is the color that it was supposed to be, but when put on the walls it's pink.)
MacKayla gets the top and Annika the bottom; Annika is a wiggly kid even in her sleep, she would probably kill herself sleeping on a top bunk.
We had MacKayla's birthday party on the 14th and she was able to have several of her friends over for a bug party. They had a lot of fun and she really enjoyed the party.
We decided to not have a cake for her birthday and instead we had delicious dirt. It was packed with dirty goodness and the bugs were even crawling out to say hello. The dirt was made with brownies, chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo's and gummy bugs, and healthy they might not have been, but delicious they were.
So how do you keep a room full of six year olds entertained, well bring out the baby toys of course. I swear they had more fun with Bella's toys than she does.
Big chessy MacKayla grins.
A few of her presents...this kid made out like a bandit, she has some very generous friends.
Mom and Mackity-Mack love.
She's cute and she knows it.
Here MacKayla is sitting next to her "boyfriend" S. The two of them are cute together and enjoy playing together. I thought it was funny how whatever they were doing they were always near each other. MacKayla is also very controlling in the relationship, here she was explaining to him how he had to put the frosting on his treat (he doesn't like chocolate, I'm not sure he is a good match for this family, j/k.) He is a cute kid.
Goofy faces, why cant' I ever get cute ones....


mommydeb said...

Looks like fun! And it's refreshing to see a little girls party that isn't princess or Hannah Montana! Good job!

Jana said...

FUN PHOTOS! Love the room!

Anderton Family said...

Nice bunkbed! I bet they LOVE playing on them. Her party looks fun too. And the dirt looks deelish!

Leserlee said...

The bunk beds look great. And purple would be so much nicer for their room than pink. Mich more relaxing in my opinion.

Elise said...

How fun!! Love the room and the bunkbed!! I ALWAYS wanted a bunk bed as a kid...I think my mom realized that would be a health hazard for me, as I would go to my friends houses and practice jumping off of them...crazy huh?! looks like a super fun party- your girls are just darling!!!

Mary Jones said...

That is a cute princess room. Bunk beds are great. I have so many fond memories of them. The desserts look delicious.

Amberly said...

Cute pictures! My girls love bunk beds, they love jumping off of them. I like the dessert idea, it's fun to do something other than cake.