Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good deals and cute kids

MacKayla's birthday was last week and I will post about it soon, I am just waiting until we do her party this weekend.

But here is the deal of the day for todayTotal OOP: $15.94, and I have a coupon for $5.00 off of my next order, yeah for great coupons (thanks Billie). The soda was all on sale and everything on top I had coupons to get for free.

MacKayla won the boxtops drawing at school and wound up with this Webkins poodle that she has named Saia (Say-ah). She has the most interesting names for some of her toys, except her teddy-bear who is simply named Teddy. She is also wearing one of the outfits that she got from her Grandparents for her birthday.
I am still trying to get a great photo of Bella to use as her 1 year photo, so far this is what I have some up with. If anyone feels the need to practice their photography skills, I would love a good photo of this kid.
Leave me alone
Please no moreHappy but not looking at the cameraPlaying with her books, but not smilingLooking somber
Very cute, but where's the adorable smile
Here she is being silly in her high chair, she likes to cock her head to the side until you do it and laughShe has learned the game "where's your nose" and will proudly point to her nose whenever askedMacKayla and her birthday presents
MacKayla opening one of her birthday presents, she got a Disney Princess Wii game. She is just starting to figure out the controls, but she did seem to like it.
MacKayla also got a snow cone maker for her birthday.
MacKayla was also given money for her birthday and wanted to buy some new clothes. I have never really taken her clothes shopping and I am not sure that I want to again. She was such a little girly-girl, she had to look at everything, reject whatever I picked out and it took us 10 minutes to settle on the shirt. Oh vey! She got a new pair of jeans as well but we have to exchange them still.
These are the new jammies that she picked out as well.
Annika being cute!

The next three photos are to show the difference in my crazy kids. They had each eaten a bit of chocolate birthday cake and they each have their own way of doing it. MacKayla has a slight bit of cake around her mouth, Annika gets it all over her mouth and some on her forehead, and then Bella gets it everywhere, gotta love messy kids.

The girls all sharing a few minutes together before bed.


The Freed Family said...

Cute pictures. It was fun to read this post. I always want to take Hailey shopping and think it will be soooo fun, and then when I do it is total disappointment. She whines and complains that she is tired and asks when we can be done and we just got started. I want to shop all day and have her try on everything and she doesn't enjoy it!

Amberly said...

I love all the pictures of your girls, they are so cute! I love shopping with Whitney. I think she would be really picky if it was her own birthday money she was spending, you have to make sure it is just right!!

Great job on all the deals, you are quite the coupon shopper!!!

Anderton Family said...

Cute pictures. I especially like the "somber" one. Courtney has the princess game for the Wii and she LOVES it. It's fun to watch her brothers play it with her. They try to make their princess as plain and "manly" as they can. Courtney, on the other hand, just wants to stay in front of the mirror and try on dresses and accessories. She likes it better than actually going on the adventures. It drives her brothers CRAZY! I love having a girl! Thanks for having us over yesterday. We both had fun!

Jana said...

I love diet pepsi. I get really happy when I find a good deal on it!

I have a much better shopping experience for my girls when they stay home.

Billie said...

Woot! for cheap soda. I am drinking diet Pepsi now because of that sale. I hope diet Coke goes on sale next.

Mary Jones said...

I love the very cute,but not smiling. It's really hard to get a smiling one at that age. Tina and I took many pictures of Olivia at that age and got one smiling and facing the right direction. My second fav was not smiling.

Julie Arfmann said...

Your family is so cute! I have a hard time getting good pics of Ashlie too, but, they always turn out priceless in the end. I can't believe how many books you read. I liked your "OLD" post, you need to come play again! KNEE PADS!